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In mid-March, students in our class were challenged to complete 1,000 minutes of home reading by June 1st.

This reading was intended to provide material for five reading response projects, which were to be completed in the same time frame. (The reading response projects were showcased yesterday, at a literacy fair.)


Students tracked their reading on weekly time sheets and their progress was recorded on a classroom graph. Three Grade 5 students took turns tabulating the information on the time sheets and updating the graph (HUGE THANKS to Vaughn, Bella and Connor for their help!!)


Students were given a choice of rewards as they reached particular milestones. The class developed this reward scheme for the challenge:


The entire class participated in our home reading challenge. Fifteen of twenty-six students read for at least 1,000 minutes. Five students completed over 2,000 minutes of reading. The class total was an impressive 26,774 minutes of home reading!

Today, we invited our librarian, Mrs. Torrey, to help one of our students present a certificate of achievement to each student in the class:


Here are the students that met or exceeded the challenge, pictured with Mrs. Torrey and one of our students. Each student's minutes of home reading are shown in red:

What a great bunch of readers!!


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