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Mnjikaning Students Visit Our Grade 5’s

As a follow-up to Monday's Youth Teaching Youth Event at Mnjikaning-Kendaaswin Elementary School, Elder Two Bears, Mrs. Letiec's Grade 6 class and three staff members from Mnjikaning came to Rama Central today to share more of their culture and heritage with our Grade 5's.

Two Bears introduced and closed our session, and small groups of students from Mnjikaning taught small groups of Grade 5 students from our school about Turtle Island, The Medicine Wheel, Wampum Belts and Treaties, and First Nations self-sufficiency on the land.

Here are some pictures from today's visit (click on any picture to enlarge it):

Learning about First Nations culture and heritage (Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum) through face-to-face interaction with members of a local First Nations community is so much more meaningful, authentic and engaging than attempting to acquire similar knowledge via books or the internet. We want to thank the elders, staff and students at Mnjikaning, once again, for their kindness and hospitality!

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