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Supporting an Ill Student at a Neighbouring School

A teacher-friend of Mrs. Black's, who is the librarian at Victoria Harbour P.S., has a gravely ill student at her school. Eight year old Rebeccah's mother asked that people support her daughter by sending Christmas ornaments to decorate a tree in her bedroom.  When students in our class were told about Rebeccah's predicament, they jumped at the chance to support her.

This morning, we made ornaments using plastic bottle bottoms, glitter glue and shiny elastic.  Students put a great deal of care into their work and it shows... the results are truly lovely.  Click on any picture to enlarge it.

This is our class posing for Rebeccah with their creations:

Picture 017


Mrs. Black had a cousin who lost a battle with leukemia at age 10, so she wanted to do something more.  She adopted Andy, the White-tailed Deer at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, for Rebeccah.  Andy isn't one of Santa's reindeer, but he's pretty darned close!


When she was at Aspen Valley for a meeting, Mrs. Black and the sanctuary manager, Mr. Smith, made Rebeccah a short video of Andy.  Click on this link to view the video in wmv-format:


Mrs. Black will be delivering the class' ornaments to Rebeccah at a community fund-raiser for her family, in Victoria Harbour, on Saturday, December 7th. The sanctuary will be sending Rebeccah a certificate of adoption and a picture of Andy in the mail.  We hope our small gifts to Rebeccah will put a smile on her face and help her to see how much others care.


UPDATE:  Sunday, June 29, 2014

Becky, her family and the librarian from Victoria Harbour P.S. came to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary today, so Mrs. Black could give them a private tour. One of the highlights for Becky was finally getting to meet Andy the deer!



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3 thoughts on “Supporting an Ill Student at a Neighbouring School

  1. Amanda Gray

    Thanks Mrs. Black (and your class) for joining the effort to make Rebeccah's Christmas a spectaular one! The ornaments look wonderful...can't wait to see them in person. 🙂

  2. Rebeccah Cloutier

    Thank you all so much. The ornaments look great. I hope that you are all enjoying school. I miss my school and all of my friends. I am going to try and get better as soon as I can. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and spend lots of time with your families.
    Maybe one day when I am well I can come and visit you all to say thank you in person.
    Rebeccah Cloutier


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