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This morning, two volunteers from the Alliston & District Humane Society (ADHS) made a two-hour round trip drive to Rama Central, to pick up the brochures our class designed to help ADHS educate children about animal welfare.  The brochures, which were completed as a Media Literacy project, were featured in two previous BLOG posts:
Using Media Skills to Educate Others, Part 2
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During today's visit, students engaged in a lively discussion about shelter animals, rescued pets and animal care with Audrey and Jim.  Our visitors thanked us for all our help with "Princess the dog" and with their educational project.  Audrey and Jim also brought the class donuts, for which students were very grateful.

We want to thank Audrey and Jim for visiting our class, and the Alliston & District Humane Society for providing us with an opportunity to complete a school assignment with a real world purpose!

Here are some pictures of pamphlet/flyer authors with Jim and Audrey:

Pamphlet topic:  How You Can Help the Humane Society

Pamphlet topic:  How Kids Helped Princess

Pamphlet topic:  Proper Animal Care

Pamphlet topic:  Pet Over-population

Pamphlet topic:   Kids and Aggressive Dogs

Flyer topic:  Fun Animal Facts!

Next step:  Audrey and Jim will show our brochures to members of the ADHS Board of Directors.  Then, the best of what we created will be desktop published and used to help educate children who visit the shelter.

Thank you for visiting our class BLOG.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free e-mail me (Margaret Black): or to add a comment to this page.

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