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The Next Stage in Ontario Education

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the Ontario Ministry of Education revealed the next stage in Ontario education.  Next steps include sustaining improvement in literacy and numeracy, while developing greater competency in areas a policy paper calls "The 6 C's":

  • Character education— honesty, self-regulation and responsibility, perseverance, empathy for contributing to the safety and benefit of others, self-confidence, personal health and well-being, career and life skills.
  • Citizenship — global knowledge, sensitivity to and respect for other cultures, active involvement in addressing issues of human and environmental sustainability.
  • Communication — communicate effectively orally, in writing and with a variety of digital tools; listening skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving — think critically to design and manage projects, solve problems, make effective decisions using a variety of digital tools and resources.
  • Collaboration — work in teams, learn from and contribute to the learning of others, social networking skills, empathy in working with diverse others.
  • Creativity and imagination — economic and social entrepreneurialism, considering and pursuing novel ideas, and leadership for action.

Our class' Community Service projects align nicely with this next stage in education. Apparently, we are just slightly ahead of our time!  🙂

To read the 14-page policy paper, in its entirety, click on the image below:

To read a summary of our class' Community Service projects click on this image:

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