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Dance, Dance, Dance!

By Allisa and Megan

We dance in our classroom almost every day.

Sometimes we dance to take a break from sitting. We dance to songs on Mrs. Black's MP3 player. When we do this, students get to make up dances and lead the class.

Here we are (Megan and Allisa) with Ashley, leading the class during a dance break:

The boys love to lead our dance breaks too:

We have also been dancing during this month's Arts periods. We have been participating in a Wii game called Just Dance, using Mrs. Black's Wii and the classroom projector. When we play, we have to dance along to what's on the screen.

We take turns using the remote, which gives the person holding it a score on how well they did. Isaac holds the record for dancing to the song Kung Fu Fighting. His score was 7000 points.

Here are some pictures of us dancing with the Wii:

Dancing at school is really fun!

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