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On Wednesday, the Grade 6's enjoyed their second day of Biodiversity field work (this time without their Grade 1 Science Buddies).  Their task was to find natural objects or creatures for a game.  The goal of the game was to try and identify how all of the rocks, sticks, leaves, pine needles, worms, spiders and insects they brought to the circle are related to each other, in nature.

The Grade 5 students are welcome to use our classroom nets and bug keepers during recess, and to examine our classroom visitors and field guides when they are finished their assignments.  These are some of the interesting "finds" Grade 5 students brought into class on Thursday. (NOTE:  At the end of the day, all of our wild "visitors" are safely returned to the areas where they were captured.)

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This week’s outdoor session was Lesson B in The David Suzuki Foundation’s publication, “Connecting with Nature:  An educational guide for grades four to six,” which is keyed to the Ontario Science Curriculum.  This document can be downloaded for free at:

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