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Text by Megan C. and photos by Jaime C.

This fall, the Grade 5 Science topic is Human Organ Systems and the Grade 5 Social Studies topic is Government.  Our teacher for Science and Social Studies is Mrs. Park.

On our first day with Mrs. Park, we played a fun language game.  Megan went up in front of the class and Jaime picked a topic.  The topic was cookies.  Megan had to talk about cookies without saying "um" or "hmm."  She went on for two minutes.

Right now, in Science, we have a sheet so we write down what time we went to bed and what we have for breakfast, lunch and supper.  In Social Studies we are learning about different kinds of governments.

Here are some pictures of us working on Science and Social Studies in Mrs. Park's room:

Click on the pictures above to enlarge them.

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