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The Great Spring Reading Challenge!

by David D.

"The Great Spring Reading Challenge" is a program Mrs. Black made up.  Students are asked to read at home, time how long they read in minutes and record their minutes on a tracking sheet each day.  There is a graph in our classroom to track the amount of minutes students have read.  We update the graph each week.

The class chose some rewards to help us keep going.  When a student passes 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 minutes of home reading, that student can choose a reward.  We have four choices for each reward level.  Examples include a piece of candy, or a privilege such as sitting in Mrs. Black's twirly chair for 50 minutes, having a friend in for lunch, sitting at a desk of your choice for 100 minutes or wearing a hat in class for a day.

Our goal is to have each student do 1,000 minutes of home reading between Easter weekend and May 31st.  If a student reads more than 1,000 minutes, that student gets a star behind his or her picture, goes back to zero, and starts up the chart again.  If the whole class does a lot of reading, we will get a class reward such as a party (for 1,000 minutes) or a movie (750 minutes).

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