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“100 Points” Reading Response!

by Julia B. and Spencer B-C.

During the month of March, the Grade 5's and the Grade 6's participated in a language activity called "100 Points."  In the "100 Points" assignment students had to read a novel and then do writing and art projects depicting events that happened in the story.  We loved all the fun choices this assignment gave us!  Each project had a specific number of points (e.g. a bookmark with a picture from the book and five words that reminded us of the book was worth 10 points; an author biography was worth 40 points).  If we did the assignments correctly we would earn full points, and if we reached 100 points we earned an A+.  Here are some examples of the work students in our class did for this assignment (click on individual photos to enlarge them):

This activity was created by a teacher in Bataviia, Illinois:

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